7 thoughts on “Steampunk Engineer”

  1. Like the elements in the picture, as Colin says it works. The two light ‘rails’ running towards the engineer , they need to be a lot darker. They must be there to make a connection through the image,

  2. The two elements are fighting for my attention. I would prefer the engine to be smaller and lower in the frame so that the main subject dominates

  3. An interesting mix of images, there’s obviously been a lot of thought gone into the composition and elements. The portrait of Adrain is good, a little tweak of the skin colours to match (Face & Hands). It’s all a little squashed. the diagram hiding behind the har & the rails etc. Try it in landscape.

  4. A very well put together image, but there is a lot of conflict between the face and the machine, especially as you are led to the machine via a bright line from Adrian’s hands.

  5. Steampunk Engineer
    Good sharp portrait of Adrian with a good expression. However, I agree with Chris in that the machine is too dominant. I would reduce its size and maybe go landscape, just to make Adrian (the Steampunk Engineer) be the main element of the image. Definitely worth continuing with, also like the colours used.

  6. Interesting image/story being told – though I find the engine a little too dominant and competing for my attention over the figure.

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