8 thoughts on “Stream”

  1. Great atmosphere, there’s a real sense of the water movement and little fingers of water dangling over the edge of the rocks makes a focal point to the whole thing. The diagonal to the corner finishes it off for me.

  2. I like the way the stream meanders through the image and has just the right amount of motion blur, however you have 2 for the price of 1 here – would the bottom half work on its own with the leaf as the focal point?

  3. Plenty of movement there, that and the composition making for a dynamic image. the silvery tones in the water give it a mercurial feel and a sense of surrealism. The finishing touch of the warm leaves add a nice end to the image and contrast nicely with the cool ‘fingers’ that were mentioned by Di. Great image.

  4. An Excellent Image, and its all be said. Love to see a print ( on the right paper ), and should do well in competitions

  5. Great composition, and the water really has what Tillman described as a mercurial feel to it. Also looks like fur, which is weird. Rather than a mono image I think I would try increasing the saturation of the greens but leave the water as it is.

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