Tillman Kleinhans – Art for Arts Sake

This is a print based Competition/Exhibition. All prints will be unmounted.

Any images Accepted or Awarded in the SRGB Print Celebration will not be eligible.

There will be a monthly Open Competition, Run over 9 months. You can enter unto 5 Prints, A4 or A3 Paper Size. The prints will be judged by the group members at the end of each month. One of the member will pick the Badge Winners, rotating round the Group. There will be a selection of 45/50 prints accepted, each gaining a ‘Pin’ (point). From this selection 5 ‘Badges’ will be awarded. This will fast Track you points. There will be table of Pins And Badges posted on the site.

The Prints that are accepted will be collected and enter into the Annual Exhibition judging process. There is No additional Charge for Annual Exhibition. This will be judged at the end of the year by an External Judge/s. An exhibition of 100 prints will be selected, the awards will be Pyramid Awards for selected themes. All selected prints will be mounted and displayed at The Exhibition, details to follow.

All Results will be posted on the webpage, as soon as possible. The Pins & Badges will be added to the Gallery to achieve levels. Each level will be posted on the webpage and DiP’s can be gained.

Photography is the only language that is understood anywhere in the world,

Bruno Barbey