What Do I Need to Enter?

Please read the Rules

Everyone can enter, you don’t have to be a member of a Camera Club or Society.

Julia Douglas Patience
Julia Douglas Patience

Its All About Choices

Print Sizes – Centred to Paper All Image must be sent on A3 or A4 Paper

This is so they fit inside the pre cut mounts for Framing.

Images can be any size that fits into the sizes below.

Darkroom/Wet Print Workers

please, fit your images 24cm x 16cm on a 8inx10in as long as the image is the right size and entered to the sheet.

29cm x 21cm max size on 16x12in sheet Centred to The Sheet

Anything below this size is Acceptable.

Max A4 Image Sizes to the Centre

Max Image Sizes REQUIRED A4 landscape =  24cm x16cm

Max Image Sizes REQUIRED A4 portrait = 24cm x 16cm

Max Image Sizes REQUIRED A4 SQUARE =  16 cm

Max A3 Images Sizes to the Centre

Max Image Sizes REQUIRED A3 landscape = 29cm x21 cm

Max Image Sizes REQUIRED A3 portrait = 21cm x 29 cm

Max Image Sizes REQUIRED A3 SQUARE =  21cm x21 cm

Cost and Return or Destroy

The cost is £7:50 per month for upto 5 prints.

Posting Images – you can do a group postage and share the costs.

No additional Costs for the Annual.

The choice is yours, you can have your prints returned by including a Stamped Addressed Envelope or a label for your box with the stamps attached.

Back of the Print Info

There are no downloadable Labels

  • Title of the Print
  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Contact Number
  • Return (Postal Address) or Destroy
  • Take Part in DiP Awards
  • ( this must be added to the print back if you want to collect for the Dip Distinctions.

Digital Copies

You don’t have include digital copies of the prints. The pdi’s will be required when you get an acceptance or an award. Notification sent by email.


The Results will be announced on the Website as soon as possible after judging.

An overall list of Pins & Badges will posted on the Website.

Information for pdi’s.

File type. jpg 1400px max on the longest side. no text on the file image. label pdi with Entrants Name & Tile only.

The pdi’s should be sent then. They’ll be added to Gallery 2.


All prints that require returning will be sent as soon as possible. All Images that are accepted will be kept for the Annual Exhibition Judging. Exhibition prints will be returned after the Exhibition Close, with any awards and a catalogue.

A photograph keeps a memory from running away.

Endora Welty