8 thoughts on “James – The Jump”

  1. Well caught action shot with full detail in eyes – all 4 of them. It has been caught at a really good angle which is both head on and side view at the same time. I find the fake wall distracting and feel it needs to be subdued.

  2. I agree, the horse and rider are coming towards you with great force and you know where they’re going next. The background has a few highlighted areas in the trees and the plant pots have to go too. Maybe try it in mono?

  3. Well captured , don’t mind about the wall as its an “event” agree about removing the highlights in the trees.

  4. The face is well lit, you can see the concentration, I would just darken the wall and the plants on the LHS. The composition is good.

  5. Good action shot – clever to leave off the bottom of the fence so only your imagination to tell you the height being jumped!

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