Please read the rules before you prepare your images


  • Anyone can enter.
  • It is a print only Competition.
  • Each photographer can only enter once per month.
  • The Competition is Open Subject.
  • No images that have been accepted/awarded in the Print Celebration can be re submitted.
  • Any duplication of titles by individual photographer are not allowed.
  • All parts of the Image must be taken with a lens, camera, phone.
  • All rights to be with the Photographer that is entering
  • All images and parts of images must be taken by the photographer entering 
  • All processing to be done by the photographer entering. 
  • Any accepted duplicated images will be disqualified with no returned fee. 
  • Any Images that are very similar by the same photographer will not accepted.
  • Monochrome and Colour versions from one original will not accepted
  • No additional elements, from other sources can be included in the images. (Stock Images etc)
  • Each month the Accepted and Awarded images will be kept for the Annual.
  • If Return postage is paid Accepted and Award Images will be return after the Exhibition without additional fee..
  • Non accepted images can not be returned if there is no prepayment.
  • The Results are final and will be posted on the Webpage after Judging each month.

Exhibition Theme Rules

Each month there’s an added Focus Theme, 2 of the Badges will go to Focus Themed Prints.

  • Open – All subjects can be entered.
  • People – The Focus on people, studio, faces, environmental portraits, creative, re-enactments.
  • Places – Landscape, seascapes, dereliction, buildings, details of buildings, a sense of a place.
  • Creatures – Real living creatures that live on our planet in any situation..
  • Still Life – This Focus includes Flowers and Objects.
  • Mono – A Print, processed to create a contrast in Grey Tones or Shades. No additional colour.
  • Triptychs – All Triptych Prints must be created from three separate Images. A single image cut into three will be disqualified. There should be no repeated images from other accepted prints.

Conditions of Entry are available on Entry Page.

I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.

Leon Levinstein