8 thoughts on “The Sound of Raasay_Rob”

  1. Quite moody and atmospheric, and the contrast between foreground (the light moving water) and the background (dark static hills) works very well giving the image a 3D effect.

  2. Lovely atmospheric image with lots of detail throughout. I love the blue tones in the water as they draw the eye further into the image

  3. It was the blue tones that caught my eye too.The flow of the image takes you straight to the mountains at the back, their shape is mirrored in the foreground rock. You can almost hear the waves.

  4. Love the flow and colour of the sea and the lead-in to the distant mountain/island. The rocks on the left feel a little ‘over worked’?

  5. Foreground intetest, stuff in the middle and an interesting distance, complete with moody clouds.
    Like the colours in the water.

  6. Perfect lead in with the water, just the right amount of flow, and great colours in the water. The mountains in the distance are great.

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