7 thoughts on “The Windmill”

  1. I agree that the leaning is very distracting. Personally I would like to see the windmill significantly less bright so that it tones in better with the background. I like the idea though

  2. I too find the angle of the windmill concerning. However overall I like the texture. It reminds me of some artists prints that I have seen which are hand finished in gold leaf. The tree in particular, though having just looked again maybe the ground area needs the texture toning down slightly.

  3. Agree with the tilting windmill, a bit too strong in the frame and for me, gives the feeling of it sinking into the base. Tree fits better. Think the texture is a bit too prominent.

  4. Like the painterly feel of this image, I think the textures are ok, but agree with the above re the leaning windmill

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