Bangor Pier at Sunset_Colin

7 thoughts on “Bangor Pier at Sunset”

  1. I’ve not been to Bangor in ages, it brings back some happy memories. The white buildings have been well controlled and the evening light is spot on and brings the pier buildings back to the former Victorian Glory. A timeless shot but not sure that the buoy adds to the image, it tends to take you out of the shot?

  2. Very good use of tonal density and a ‘sunlight’ type filter has produced a moody and atmospheric image that is quite captivating. Agree about not needing the red buoy.

  3. Super image and I like the lighting on the building which gives a real sense of end of day. Agree about the buoy

  4. Terrific lighting in this image. I particularly like the way the image glows. Also agree about the buoy.

  5. Very atmospheric shot of the pier. love the colours and the treatment. Won’t mention the buoy.

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