Maryport_ Colin

7 thoughts on “Maryport”

  1. A well spotted diagonal composition and colour combo. The reflections add something to the shot too. The buildings don’t distract from the boats. The sky is a little dark, it would be a difficult one to replace, so possibly lighten the clouds a tad?

  2. The bright colours of the boats mean that they are the focus of attention. I especially like the left hand boat with its decay and texture

  3. Great lighting and textures in this image. I like the mood the dark sky gives to the image. It may be an optical illusion, but I get the feeling that the image slopes to the right.

  4. Love the two boats on the left hand side- with their worn out look, agree about the feeling of sloping to the left?

  5. I like the feel of this. A working Dock with boats that have worked hard. The colours and rust add to the impact.

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