Canoeists by the Beach – James

7 thoughts on “Canoeists by the Beach”

  1. Lovely restful image. Makes you wish you were there. I would have liked to see some separation between the front canoes.

  2. This colourful image is really well framed by the trees, If only the canoeists had separated just a little

  3. I’d love to be somewhere warm and relaxing right now. The viewpoint adds to this with the trees framing the scene nicely. Definitely, seaside colours. I’d of played with the direction of the sand bars and canoes to see if I could get them facing towards the viewer but that just my creative mind. :0)

  4. Love the colour of the canoes against the water. Might tone down the beaches a tad as after a while the brightness can draw the eye from the rest of the shot.

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