7 thoughts on “Fishing Nets Blue _Steve”

  1. Nice bit of minimalism here, with the limited colour palette adding to that effect. The fact that the ‘subject’ lacks detail increases the minimalism, and the slight diagonal composition adds a bit of dynamics. Could it be a lighter overall with maybe more of narrower aspect ratio and the white parts of the sky darkened ?

  2. I like images like this which are minimalist and yet the fishing structure is so complex. Your eye roams across the diagonal shapes which are very stark against a soft background. Have you thought about trying a letterbox crop and concentrating on the nets.

  3. I like the minimalism of this image. I don’t mind that the image is dark. I feel it enhances the mood.

  4. The simplicity works for me, maybe a mono and a a tweak on contrast would do the trick. Check your screen settings maybe they’re a little dark?

  5. A great composition well seen. As others have said i would lighten it a little in the foreground but try to keep the moody clouds.

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