Lytham Beach – James

7 thoughts on “Lytham Beach – James”

  1. Looks like great fun, I see horses on the beach here and often wondered what it was like. The movement creating the splashes on the beach gives a feel of the Seaside. The final touch is the Tower to give you a hint of where it was taken.(even though its in the Title) Contrast and Sharpness work with the simpleness of the image.

  2. A great action shot of horses on the beach. I would have preferred separation between the two horses.

  3. Good action shot with horses’ feet raised and splashes too, and added to that reflections.

  4. A fun gallop at the beach well captured, do you have the image before/after which has the chestnut in a more extended gait – would work better for me?

  5. Great photo, you’ve captured the ‘feel’ of the ride with splashes and the smiles on the faces. Perfect shutter speed freezes the action enough, but the timing has still given the image a sense of motion. Composition is great, space to ride into and the tower in the distance gives a great sense of space and provides a stop for the RH edge and gives the image an object we can all identify with.

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