7 thoughts on “Out of Season_Rob”

  1. Super tones! The mono treatment makes the catering hut really stand out and the size and contrast of the metal sculpture makes it stand out, so it’s a while before you get to the couple in between them. I’d try and remove the bit of the street lamp(?) that pokes out from the upper portion of the sculpture.

  2. A well seen interesting image with a powerful sky. It has lots of interest and atmosphere and works perfectly in mono. I agree about the street lamp

  3. You captured the Southport Pier perfectly. The Mono choice adds to the Out of Season title. The couple give you the third element in the image to build the story.

    Street lamp is actually the warning lamp that flashes red at night to stop things bumping into the sculpture/pier. Not sure what would bump into it but that’s what it it.

  4. Great image – love the mono treatment and placing of the elements in the frame . There is a bright blob at the top of the sculpture that needs to go now that I’ve seen it!

  5. Great mono image, love the reflections within the sculpture. Definitely lose the lamp thing though.

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