Three Deck Chairs – Dianne

6 thoughts on “Three Deck Chairs”

  1. Lovely mono, very striking with a great balance of tones. Love the way the wooden posts continue the ‘movement’ from the chairs through the image. The sky also adds some dynamics to a static composition.

  2. Perfect in mono. I like the way the footprints in the sand lead you to the chairs, then the posts and finally the dramatic sky.

  3. A very dramatic shot. Love the way the chairs are catching the light and the clouds are bursting over the dunes.

  4. Great image, the movement in the sky really works against the static chairs. Perhaps 10% off the bottom would move the chairs off the center line?

  5. I like the mono treatment oo, the deckchairs are very striking. I too think 10% of the bottom would maybe enhance the composition.

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