4 thoughts on “Waiting for the visitors _ Oliver”

  1. Wish you were here! I like the openess but with Tower balanced by the cloud top right. Think the sand is a bit dark but could be my screen. I do wonder if there is a but too much h foreground?

  2. This really records how beaches have been during lockdown and so is an historical record. I don’t mind the dark sand as sand can be so many colours. I agree that maybe a little less foreground would give added impact, but nonetheless a good image

  3. I would normally say too much foreground but as the picture is telling the story of an empty beach I think the emptiness is relaveny.

  4. Great juxtaposition of the cloud and building, and great range of tones. It does tell a story, but I think the 50/50 split between top and bottom doesn’t work. If you want all the emptiness then crop the sky or vice-versa.

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