When the Fair Closes – Dianne

9 thoughts on “When the Fair Closes”

  1. Great idea and lots of interest. I would like the unicorn further to the left so that it has space on the right to run into.

  2. A very imaginative image as you would expect from Dianne. Agree with moving the unicorn slightly to the left.

  3. Imaginative as said already. Given the square format I do not mind the unicorn being central but that said it is presently a bit too far right.

  4. Love the over all feel you have created, is it my imagination or is there a horizontal line running across the saddle? Agree a little to the left and perhaps rotating slightly to give the impression of leaping the waves?

  5. Great idea , I like the positioning of the unicorn. One small thing I would have preffered the back leg a little more solid.

  6. Great backdrop and painted water effect which add to the fairground feel. Personally I would have the unicorn where it is but rearing up slightly.

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