6 thoughts on “Tillman – Children at Play”

  1. Love the image but nit the title. It’s all about chatting and the enjoyment shown in the sharing. Something we all miss right now. Mono works, as with Chris’ image removes distracting colours. There’s several white lines/ areas through the window/reflections that need attention.

  2. I like the contrast of the serious adults and the carefree kids…works very well. there is a great story there. I do find the reflections complicates the image a bit.

  3. Love the image which is really well seen and works really well in monochrome. he reflections don’t bother me too much as it is glass and that is what it does, but I would get rid of the woman facing you as she is rather dominant.

  4. Conversation piece seems a better title for me, as there are lots of seperate conversations going on. Well seen I don’t mind the reflections.

  5. Great street shot – young and old all communicating together – I like the reflect of the woman looking at the camera

  6. Lots going on and like the way three things take our interest, children, 3 women and whatever is going on through the window. Don’t mind the window activity, but wondered if it could be darkened down.

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