9 thoughts on “Where Am I?”

  1. Where did you find the man with the dummy? I’m sure there’s a story to tell here but I’ve not worked it out yet. ;0)

  2. WOW, agree very scary, must be thinking about another 6 months of lockdown
    Love to see it on an exhibition wall…………

  3. Really unsettling and scary image. I am unsure of the benefits of the hang glider and orangey red world. Think a silvery moon would fit better?

  4. Hi James,
    I shot the image of the Moon at 3-30 am after waiting
    for two hours for it to get this red, then i gave up and went to bed

  5. I agree with James that a silvery moon would fir better and leave the hang glider out. Not unsettling at all, although if it was looking straight at the camera, it would be.

  6. Are you on strong medication? Not for me I’m afraid, but worth doing as you have created an emotion in everyone!

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