The Group, meets twice a month at Studio 72, Southport, one for Critique Night and one for a members night.  Members Nights are simply that,  there are many ways of doing this but it has to be photo related. 

On Members Nights, they can share their own work, book a speaker, do a workshop. The nights vary so much as each Member of the group brings their own interests and specialities they are always interesting.  The Critique Night, each member brings two unmounted prints, this is preferable not the best work but work we’re unsure of and new work is important as we can view it with fresh eyes.  Everyone has a voice, one person starts the critique and the other members have a chance to agree or disagree to that. We have ” trophy” that is presented to the Top Print of the evening, this is chosen from the top four prints selected by the person running the night. Of course it’s all bit of fun!  I think… 

February 2024

Meeting Mark Reeves FRPS

March 2024

Critique - Tillman

March 2024

Meeting - Sue Critchlow

Bernard Longley, critique, jan 24

January 2024

Critique - Bernard

Jane lines

February 2024

Jane Lines

Noel Morgan , critique, feb

February 2024

Critique - Noel

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