Tonight was a step into the world of Jane’s Photography World. 

We started with a a trip to Cuba, discovering the places, the people and the cocktails of course. Jane shared stories and facts to accompany her images, about the areas of the world they’ve explored. 

The next step is processing and creation of her beautiful images. Jane shares the stages of several images and the thought process behind them. Its always interesting to see how different people work and learn the little hints and tips along the way.

After the break, with Birthday cake from Rob. We were treated to Jane’s beautifully printed prints. We she kindly handed round for us to share and discuss. 

A great night and always nice to peak into another photographers world.  Always a real treat for SRGB Photo Group. 


Kath firth, Gareth Herbert, Keith Richardson, Steve Hitchen
Noel Morgan, Gordon Jenkins
Jane Lines
Colin Douglas , tillman klienhans
Jane lines, Keith Richardson, Steve Hitchen

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