Mark was in invited to SRGB Photo Group on a recommendation from Colin, one of our members. The Group wasn’t disappointed. Mark discussed his love for ICM (In Camera Movement) in the environment. Mark shared a variety of information and images about the technique. 

The night was an interesting interactive night. Discussing the crossover of art & photography.  He illustrated this with a section of his own work and work from fellow creators and famous artists. This brought about some interesting discussion. Could we tell which was which? The simple answer was No. 

The second half of the night included the exploration for his APRS. Mark saw the fascinating inspiration and comparisons between architects design and the nature world. The combination of the two made brilliant set of work.  His ARPS Panel, was presented in black & white prints. 

On to his FRPS. He used the inspiration from his window and the marina at West Kirby on the Wirral.  Mark was kind enough to share his prints from the Panels.  The mix of the right paper and image created stunning prints. The panels can be seen on his webpage. A brilliant night that inspired the members to explore ICM in their own photography. Looking forward to seeing the results at critique night. Looking for an inspiring night of photography don’t hesitate to book one of Mark’s talks. 

We hope Mark will come and talk to us again with one of his other talks. 


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