February 2022

Tonight was Dianne’s members night and she invited Christine & Mike from Oldham PS to share with us Christines People Prints. It was her first in person talk after the last few years of being home and doing zoom talks  due to the Covid restrictions.  What a variety of work we saw, from group model shoots to using her garage studio , Chris uses  to take individual models including her famous model Mike Lawrence. Another side to the print talk was ‘weekend’ photography which ranged from steampunk to re-enactments. 

Chris was happy for us to pass the prints round so we could see them in close up. These featured  “sticky up bits” and looking for fallen taps from magical trees and the magical world of her imagination.

What an interesting and inspiring evening filling our minds with inspiration and technical know how.  The group asked lots of questions which Chris happily answer.  She also discussed  the variety of Permajet papers she used including her favourite ones for her people prints.. 

The evening was a breath of fresh air after the self isolation and restriction of the last years. 

Lots more to see on her webpage.

Christine Widdall, Members night, talk
Christine Widdall, Members night, talk

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